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Tarquinia: an Etruscan site damaged by pollution

As Europeans our cultural roots are linked to the ancient Etruscan civilization, thanks of the influence it had over the growing Rome. The archaeological site of Tarquinia still shows these roots, and since 2004 UNESCO included the Etruscan Necropolis in the World Heritage List. At present Tarquinia is in the center of one of the largest energy production sites in Europe, with three fossil fuel fired power plants within a 10-mile radius, capable of producing 7,000 megawatts.

The three power plants are:

  1. "Torre Valdaliga Sud”, a gas and oil-fired power plant, located in Civitavecchia - 8 miles from Tarquinia, produces a total of 1,500 Mw.
  2. “Torre Valdaglia Nord”, a coal-fired power plant, also located in Civitavecchia, produces a total of 2,000 Mw.
  3. “ Montalto di Castro”, a huge oil-fired power plant, located in Montalto di Castro, - 8 miles from Tarquinia, produces 3,440 Mw.

The consequences of these 3 power plants have created a sort of gas chamber with an enormous emission of particle matter responsible for grave health damages.

For half a century, the power plants of Civitavecchia and Montalto di Castro, mostly property of ENEL, have supplied 15% of the national electric needs and the local community has already paid an inestimably high price.

During the 50 years that ENEL operated in this territory, a small population has paid a high tribute in terms of death and disease in order to supply energy, not
only for this region, but for the entire country.

In the medieval town hall in the center of Tarquinia, on the 29th of March, 2007, a group of ordinary citizens began an uninterrupted hunger strike – an extreme action to stop the construction of the coal-fired power plant, owned by ENEL, in Civitavecchia.

The big damage this population had to suffer will continue to have repercussions for years to come. The latest epidemiological studies, recently made public in Tarquinia at the beginning of the Hunger Strike, have not only confirmed the population’s worst fears, but are even more alarming. An official moratorium needs to be decreed allowing these citizens to detoxify and regain their personal health as well as that of the agricultural zone upon which they depend.

In these times of economic crisis, the “compensations” that Enel offers to dull the senses are very tempting to those in financial need: public administrations, schools, political parties, unions, and cultural associations. However, the citizens of Tarquinia spoke clearly: they cannot be bought, and the uncomfortable and frightening truths documented by the physicians who have been fighting against the power plants for years, has never been contradicted or disputed by any official study.

The citizens committee that opposes the Coal-fired plant has begun to create a network of contacts with citizens in similar situations throughout Europe so as to plan strategies towards common goals. By working together and appealing to the highest authorities of the European Union, they shall defend and uphold their inalienable rights for good health.

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